Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding crashers: Tulsa

A year ago I was fairly certain that I would be weddingless this year. I thought all my friends had gotten married last year, but I'll just say I have alot of friends (and dang good ones at that) and I am so, so happy to be able to celebrate their big day with them (especially when it means a trip to Oklahoma and a pit stop at El Vaq for some carne tapitia).

Flyfisher Guy found him a good one and he married her! The weather was beautiful, the wedding was beautiful, the food was amazing and I stayed up until 3 am so I think its safe to say that the reception and after party at the Hard Rock was pretty good too. And just for the a one week time period I stayed up until 3 am twice and got up at 430 once......I still got it (sorta). It may or may not have taken a full week to recover from these hours that I kept.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend and congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Richardson!

Photo via Facebook


  1. Yea....if you did that and were still functioning at all, you still got it. One night of 3 am would kill me! Great photo--love her dress!

  2. HA! It takes me forever to recover anymore these days too! Just can't do it like we used to :) I always seem to think all of my friends are married and there can't possible be anymore weddings...yet next year there are 4 already...