Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HomeMade: water closet #2

 Since I've lived here lived here for 4 years, there should be many more posts, but there aren't because I'm a slacker. To catch up on on my DIY(with recruitment of helpers) projects, just click here!

This project is complements of my taste in picking flooring, paint colors etc. It is not a product of my blood, sweat and tears. Actually, there was plenty of tears because this is one of the rooms that was flooded, but now that its all done.....its a much better place!

**Don't forget to Trot Your Turkey tomorrow through the weekend. Report back with your pictures and thoughts! If we get trotters from at least 10 states, we will be forking over a donation to the Salvation Army!**


  1. Count me in on the Turkey Trot! From Arkansas or Kansas!! - Micca

  2. I love the pedestal sink! It opens it up so much more-I want to do that when we finally decide to redo our main bathroom, cause it's pretty small and we need any room we can get! Also, how hard was it to replace the medicine cabinet/mirror? We have one of those and I've always wondered how it would be if we want to replace it (which I do!).