Monday, April 20, 2015

small towns

Lots of people don't like small towns....everyone knows your business, everyone is in your business, there are no secrets, everyone talks about your business, there is nothing to do, it matters what your last name is and on and on.

But its undeniable, when tragedy strikes no one takes care of their own better than a small town. I attended a funeral a few weekends ago for a young man from a small town. It was easy to see why you can't beat small towns. The community center was filled to the brim and there were 500 chairs set up. The meal after the service served all those in attendance and could have easily fed another 500. Rumor has it that the family had to get a few extra fridges brought to the house to hold all the food even before the funeral.

While I don't like people in my business all the time, I wouldn't trade growing up in a small town for anything. It just can't be beat!

Monday, April 13, 2015

there are no out of state plates [edition 3]

Its 80 degrees in January and with a view like this......

who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon at the golf course??? And they all have golf specials for tourists. SCORE!

It was a great day to play some golf. I'll for sure make sure to play again next time I'm in Hawaii.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

the one where I refused to pay $100 for a laundry hamper and then made my own for $100

so my dirty clothes baskets sit behind the door in my closet

therefore, I throw piles of clothes on the floor in my room and that is not conducive to trying to keep a clean room. (I'm trying to keep a clean room for some odd reason).

So, I get this bright idea to buy a nice (and cute) laundry hamper for out IN my room, so I pull out the Google machine and get to shopping. I found TONS of  a few cute laundry hampers that I would love to have be ok with in my room. Except they carried a price tag of $60-100 bucks! After I ranted about how I would never, ever spend $100 bucks on a laundry hamper, I decided that Pinterest would probably better fit my needs.......

where I found this......

and proceeded to spend $100 "making" my own laundry hamper.

Strangely enough, I'm ok with my $100 laundry hamper....because its a badass laundry hamper...and I'm officially old because I'm excited about a badass laundry hamper.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the barn by bryan [april 2015]

Seems that we slipped through the cracks, or, got lost/forgotten about, or, maybe it is just an April fool’s joke. But don’t fret, because here is your April playlist.

Here We Go, Pat Green
Roots and Wings, Miranda Lambert (I know it’s a commercial, but still pretty good)
Rather Have Nothing, Great Divide
Hangover Tonight, Gary Allan
Biscuits, Kacey Musgraves


Once again, my fault....the only thing I can blame Music Man for is not automatically sending me a new I'm going to blame him because I'm the final editor in this joint and I can do what I want!

Monday, April 6, 2015

In 2015 [first quarter update]

I can't believe we are almost a quarter of the way through 2015 all ready! Time flies when you are having fun they say.

1. 12 months, 12 massages (3/12)
I'm well on my way to meeting this goal. I've even surprised myself at how much benefit I've felt from regular massage. I've all but given up the chiropractor and my back, neck and legs feel much better. I truly believe that massage is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.
2. Yearly savings goal
Not going so great since Loretta came to live with me......better get back on track on this one.
3. Territorial Prison Museum
I am going to the Wyoming Bankers Conference in May and this little gem is on the agenda! YAY!
4. Glow-in-the-dark Golf Tournament
5. Soldier's Angel
6. Goal Weight
I'm back on track and currently about 2.5 lbs away from my goal and that awesome Bob Berg ring that Tylie said she would bribe award me with when I hit my goal weight.
7. Complete Les Mills Pump
I've got 1 week left on this one. I've LOVED this program and am probably going to keep with it for a while longer before shipping it down to CO for Assistant Pack Leader to give it a try.
8. Mountain Bike Trip
9. Maui, Hawaii
10. Palisade Wine Biking Tour
This girls weekend is booked...we are still recruiting more participants so if you are interested give me a jingle. Its looking to be a fun weekend and I'm excited for an unconventional tour of the vineyards.
11.* Donate 100 Charity Miles (16/100)
16.071 miles completed so far. Its been cold and I think this will really pick up once spring gets here. Tylie loves getting out and going for a jog/walk and I'm really going to be putting some miles on the mountain bike this year, so this one should be an "easy" one.