Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To my friends with tiny humans

I know people that have kiddos have undergone some huge life changes, and they probably see the world in a different light than those of us who are still without kids....or even a different light than before they had kids. I've heard and read many things that say us (without kids) just don't understand since we don't' have kids.....we don't know what its like and don't offer parenting advice.

Well I'm going to offer some parenting advice even though you told me not to.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE teach your kids

1. how to write, with a pencil and paper using correct  grammar and sentences
2. how to count change, as in back to someone who has purchased something from them
3. how to tell time on an analog clock
4. how to take pride in tasks they set out to accomplish
5. speaking, face-to-face communication with eye contact and a strong voice that can be heard
6. work ethic, how to work hard to earn something that they want and that it may take time to get said item, job, recognition etc
7. how to give to others, without expecting something in return
8. how to apologize, when they have done wrong and mean it, be humble
9. how to take responsibility for their actions and accept consequences for their actions
10. how to be coachable which will turn into employable

And yes, if I ever have kids you are more than welcome to remind me of this post and hold me to it! I feel like teaching kids these 10 things is loving kids. These are things that I learned as a youngin' and I think I'm a better adult because of it. Were they always easy lessons to learn? Heck no! It doesn't always need to be easy, it needs to be worth it.

Monday, July 27, 2015

glow golf

Even though I'm about 2 years too late, I'm whittling away on some of the items that were on my original Dirty 30 list. And somehow, these are making me the most happy because I didn't give up on them just because I missed them on 2 years worth of "bucket lists"

Note to self: add glow sticks and extra jackets to the golf bag for night golf!

This year Music Man found us a glow-in-the-dark golf tournament before it actually happened! Alabama Boy and Uinta Girl golfed with us. There were prizes for first through 4th place and last place. Uinta Girl and I thought we might have a chance at last place, but turns out we are better than last place, yet not quite good enough for a prize. Average, mediocre....yep that's us! Music Man and Alabama Boy though....2nd place and new Taylormade putters!

Alabama Boy and Music Man with their trophy putters!

Alabama Boy and Music about 130 AM

Uinta Girl and Almost Gypsy Soul.....freezing!

I plan on winning one of those prizes next time!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

'til the cows come home

Every year there is a string of weeks that hits Sweetwater County. The National High School Finals Rodeo is the first to hit Rock Springs. There are thousands of high school kids and their horses coming to the area. As soon as they leave, PRCA cowboys come to town for the Red Desert Roundup and as that winds up the Sweetwater County fair fills the following week.....that's a whole lotta activity.

One of my favorite things that the town does is cow sponsorships. Businesses can buy a cow, decorate it how they want and display it around town throughout the month of rodeos and fair. There of course is a contest, for the most popular cow. This year I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at some of my favorite bovines that can be found around Rock Springs. And I of course missed getting a picture of my other favorite, so until next year these will have to tide you over!

Joe's Liquor, smallest bar in Rock Springs

Fotos by Jenni

Wyoming Financial

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

and so, she started living the life she'd imagined

They say "if we all threw our problems in a pile, we'd look at everyone else's and grab ours back". Its easy to get down on our lives, that everything isn't just perfect, or the way we thought it should be. Maybe we don't have the perfect kids, maybe our dog barks too much, maybe we don't have the family we thought we would, or the job, or the house, maybe we don't live where we thought we should. All in all, these problems are pretty trivial.

Its easy to get caught up in what we don't have, but maybe we should look around and be thankful for what we do have. The stuff, the opportunities, the love, the fact that we woke up this morning. Just be thankful because life just isn't that bad.

I truly believe we are responsible for our own happiness and although its easy to get stuck in a rut, drug down by negative thoughts. We can overcome our mind by looking for sunshine, looking for good. Its always there, we just gotta open our eyes and hearts and see it!

Live the life you've imagined....or better than you imagined!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

the barn by bryan [july 2015]

It’s an all request July playlist! I received a list of tunes from our host on the request line for this month, and it is my pleasure to oblige. So, without further ado, here is your July playlist.
Happy Birthday America!!

40 Hour Week, Alabama
Chicken Fried, Zac Brown Band
Some Gave All, Billy Ray Cyrus
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly, Aaron Tippin
And I’ll throw in one extra, Made in America, Toby Keith