Monday, July 27, 2015

glow golf

Even though I'm about 2 years too late, I'm whittling away on some of the items that were on my original Dirty 30 list. And somehow, these are making me the most happy because I didn't give up on them just because I missed them on 2 years worth of "bucket lists"

Note to self: add glow sticks and extra jackets to the golf bag for night golf!

This year Music Man found us a glow-in-the-dark golf tournament before it actually happened! Alabama Boy and Uinta Girl golfed with us. There were prizes for first through 4th place and last place. Uinta Girl and I thought we might have a chance at last place, but turns out we are better than last place, yet not quite good enough for a prize. Average, mediocre....yep that's us! Music Man and Alabama Boy though....2nd place and new Taylormade putters!

Alabama Boy and Music Man with their trophy putters!

Alabama Boy and Music about 130 AM

Uinta Girl and Almost Gypsy Soul.....freezing!

I plan on winning one of those prizes next time!

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