Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In 2015 [second quarter update]

1. 12 months, 12 massages (6/12)
I missed May so I had to get 2 in June....darn.

2. Yearly savings goal
Lots of room for improvement here...............
3. Territorial Prison Museum
A little hidden gem. Our tour guide was wonderful. I hope that they are able to find additional guests, donations or grants to help restore and keep this place up. It would be a shame for it to become unsafe and lose this historical museum.
4. Glow-in-the-dark Golf Tournament
5. Soldier's Angel
6. Goal Weight
I made it! and I've now set a new goal of 5 more lbs. I've started working with a nutrition coach to help me meet my goals and develop a food plan that I can stick with in a maintenance, lifestyle plan. It was a struggle, but so far its really helped me.
7. Complete Les Mills Pump
I LOVED this program and am probably going to keep with it for a while longer before shipping it down to CO for Assistant Pack Leader to give it a try.
8. Mountain Bike Trip
9. Maui, Hawaii
10. Palisade Wine Biking Tour
While it was a rainy weekend and we didn't get to bike, we still had a blast in Palisade on the Wine & Fruit By-way. Will for sure be heading back there sometime to pedal!
11.* Donate 100 Charity Miles (63/100)
Getting there!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

32 at 32

Disclaimer: obviously I started this somewhere around my birthday and promptly forgot it....so here it is. Better late than never.

As I pass my 32nd birthday, yes can you believe it 32 years! I can’t help but think about all the things I don’t have or haven’t accomplished and that’s not good. So I’m going to force myself to take a look at what I HAVE accomplished in my 32 years…..and its going to be 32 things I’ve accomplished in my 32 years.

1. State championship in high school track
2. Made friendships that will last forever
3. Paid off my student loans
4. Bought/sold and bought another house
5. Moved to a new state, completely on my own
6. More than doubled participation in my counties at my job – I call it my Queendom
7. Have 2 great little kids that call me Aunt
8. Traveled to places I never dreamed I would go
9. Learned to mountain bike
10. Learned to snowboard
11. Hiked Pikes Peak
12. Made unconventional friends through Adopt-a-Soldier – I still talk to 2 of my adopted soldiers on a semi-regular basis
13. Zip-lined in Hawaii even though height scare the crap out of me
14. Lost 40+ lbs
15. Coached high school basketball
16. Inspired others to pay-it-forward
17. Submitted a change suggestion to National Office that got FSA program policy rewritten
18. Kept my dog alive and well for 10 years, even through 9 puppies!
19. Received a prestigious scholarship for my undergraduate study
20. Completed my Masters at OSU
21. Published research in multiple scholastic journals as well as BEEF magazine
22. Played college basketball
23. Learned to golf
24. Have a blog that I sometimes post to
25. Learned to ski
26. Made enough furniture in high school shop to fill my house
27. Successfully grown grass from seed not once, but twice!
28. Planned a convention for approximately 90 people
29. Ran 2 half marathons
30.Worked the best summer job ever at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch (5 years)
31. Won the Army Female Athlete Award twice (with Tom, he won the male athlete)
32. Learned to like myself again!

Monday, June 22, 2015

wyoming territorial prison museum

This one was on the original Dirty 30 list (and the whole reason behind the birth of this blog) and I finally got it crossed off the list!

I was presently surprised at the museum. Its a very interesting piece of Wyoming history and our tour guide was very knowledgeable. Its in Rawlins and its not expensive to visit. And because I can't remember everything they told me, I copied a little history about the prison from their website for you.

The eighty year history of Wyoming’s first state penitentiary, now known as the Wyoming Frontier Prison, is as colorful and elaborate as the plot of a classic western movie. The cornerstone of the prison was laid in 1888, but due to funding issues and Wyoming’s notorious weather, the doors wouldn’t open for thirteen years. In December of 1901, the prison opened and consisted of 104 cells (Cell Block A), no electricity or running water, and very inadequate heating.

Throughout the prison’s operation, approximately 13,500 people were incarcerated, including eleven women. Overcrowding was an almost constant concern, and the first of several additions to the penitentiary was completed in 1904, adding 32 cells to the west end of the original cell block (Cell Block A). Women were housed in the prison until 1909, until the last woman was transferred to Colorado. The addition of the second cell block (Cell Block B) in 1950 temporarily relieved the overcrowding, and also included solitary confinement cells, a much more efficient heating system, and hot running water which wouldn’t be installed in the original cell block for another twenty-eight years. A maximum security addition (Cell Block C) was completed in 1966, but the addition only included thirty-six cells and was reserved for serious discipline cases.

The prison was equipped with several different means of disciplining inmates throughout its operation, including a dungeon, several variations of solitary confinement and a “punishment pole” to which men were handcuffed and whipped with rubber hoses.


The prison also used different execution methods.. The first two executions were carried out using the “traveling” Julien Gallows which were used to hang Tom Horn in Cheyenne in 1903. In 1916, the penitentiary completed the addition of a “death house” which consisted of six cells to house inmates on death row, and a unique indoor version of the Julien Gallows. The building also housed the gas chamber when it was chosen to replace hanging as Wyoming’s execution method of choice in 1936. Ultimately 14 death sentences were carried out; nine men were hanged, and five were executed in the gas chamber by the use of hydrocyanic acid gas.

The Wyoming Frontier Prison is a remnant of the grizzly past of the old west, but not every aspect of prison life was so off-putting. Over the 80-year operation, the prison produced goods to meet demands of four major industries. From 1901 through 1917 the prison had a broom factory, but inmates burned it down during a riot. The factory was rebuilt and operated as a shirt factory which brought in twice the revenue to the state. In 1934, a federal law was passed to prohibit the sale and transportation of prison manufactured goods from one state to another, which resulted in the loss of significant revenue when the factory closed. In 1935, the factory began operating as a woolen mill which won the “Navy E” in 1942 for the superior quality blankets produced by the prison for the military during World War II. In 1949 the prison changed production one last time, producing license plates until the penitentiary closed in 1981.

After serving the state for eighty years, the prison closed its doors, and sat abandoned until 1987 when a low budget movie titled “Prison” was filmed on location. The movie was one of Viggo Mortensen’s first and featured several other well known actors. Significant damage was done to the prison grounds during filming because it had yet to be considered a historic site. In 1988, a joint powers board assumed ownership of the penitentiary, dubbed it The Wyoming Frontier Prison, and established it as a museum. The Wyoming Frontier Prison has since been listed on The National Registry of Historic Places, and offers tours to approximately 15,000 visitors annually.

Monday, June 15, 2015

i'm gonna miss her

I wanted a red dodge since the day I turned 16. In fact, I got one for my birthday and I believe it was of the 1/32 scale size. When I was paying for my own 2nd set of  wheels, I got an identical red dodge in life size as a junior in college.

Big Red and I put on some serious miles. We moved from Colorado to Oklahoma to Tennessee to Wyoming together. We hauled hay, we hauled horses and we hauled college kids. I love this pick-up and I wasn't sure that I could ever physically hand over the keys.

But then, along came Loretta. Loretta is a bit of an upgrade from Red and eases the pain of sending Red down the road to her new owner. Loretta is a 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat....in silver. Loretta has many fancy schmancy features that I never even knew that I needed such as a backup camera, power fold mirrors, heated/cooled seats, auto slide seats, bluetooth, dual climate control and 4 doors!

Over and above Loretta, the fact that Red is going to one of my absolute favorite families in the whole world makes it a bit easier to let her go. She will be the first vehicle for my Rankin...who used to sit on my lap and eat ice cream sandwiches before bed...and who is now taller than me.

I'm gonna miss her.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

product review: les mills pump

This Beachbody program is AWESOME! Its a rep effect, weight training based workout that is killer. Think 5 minutes of squats, 5 minutes of chest, 5 minutes of deadlifts/cleans, 5 minutes of biceps, 5 minutes of abs and 5 minutes of lunges. If you are now things OUCH, you are right on track.

The good thing about this workout is that it goes pretty quick and the music is awesome fun. I even really liked the yoga and ab workouts. My results from LMP were pretty good and I was pleased. I've now loaned the program to Assistant Pack Leader, but I'll be doing this one again!

So without further ado....proof of my results from LMP.

I give LMP 2 thumbs up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Uncork & Un-Wined

Girlfriends, wine and fruit country of Palisade, CO and our bikes....what more could a girl ask for you might ask. Well in our case sunshine would have been nice.

We found a weekend we could all get away to Palisade to bike the vineyards and we were off. Mother Nature was off too and it rained all weekend. Luckily we were traveling with awesome girls and we just made the best of it. We still visited wineries and checked out some local hotspots. We had a good time and darted to some of the closer vineyards in between rainstorms. So although we didn't make the route on our bikes....I'm counting it because I'm not sure when we will all be able to make it back. Plus my biked liked its new Dakine tailgate pad and I actually unloaded my bike in Palisade so it totally counts.

And our shirts were a HIT. I even brought home orders for others....I should start a business.

Monday, June 8, 2015

the barn by bryan [June 2015]

Well, it’s a little late, put I managed to squeeze some time out and get you a new playlist, I told the boss to go to hell, I have a playlist to get out there for the masses!
So, here she be!

Diamond Rings and Old Barstools, Tim McGraw
A Guy Walks into a Bar, Tyler Farr
This Time Around, Randy Rogers Band
You’re Gone, Diamond Rio
Fool Hearted Memory, George Strait