Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GO-al time: 2014 recap

1. Meet a yearly savings goal

2. Have a spa day/weekend at a legit spa (with a robe)
My sisters and I got together in SLC and had a sister weekend for our Christmas present to each other. We crashed the Woolgrowers Convention, hit the spa for some TLC (and a robe), movies, dinner, shopping and general relaxing!

3. Palisade, CO vineyards pedal bike tour

4. Get to/maintain goal weight

5. "Pay for" season snowboarding pass

6. Finish the Dirty 30 list
6A. Hike a 14'er
We made the 12 mile hike is about 9 hours. Click here to read all about it!

6B. Lose 30 lbs (7/30) (5/30) (14/30) (22/30) (32/30)(33/30)

6C. Finish TurboFire Chalean Extreme
6D. Brice Canyon
6E. Zion National Park
6F. Territorial Prison Museum
6G. Finish my will
6H. Have outdoor Christmas lights

6I. Go night snowboarding
Ultimate fail, a second snowboarding season has passed and I didn't get this done. Maybe night snowboarding just isn't for me.
6J. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
6K. Take a Spanish class
7. 12 months, 12 massages (1/12)(2/12) (8/12)
Despite my slow start I made up some serious ground on this one. Besides just being awesome, I really felt some health benefits from regular massage.
8. Only go to Wal-Mart once a month
Not happening. I'm still an American.
9. Instagram Photo Challenge (copying Football Fan once again)
I participate.....sometimes.....and sporadically at best. And by sporadically I mean practically never.

10. Sell my house

All in all I didn't do too bad, although I was really hoping to get them all crossed off. I won't be carrying over another list, I think it was a bit stay tuned for my 2015 goals....and a few of the unfinished ones did make the 2015 list.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

christmas at the 1413

Christmas is the second most wonderful time of the year....sorry, July 4th is my absolute favorite holiday. What does Christmas look like around here this year?

1. I like to buy Christmas stuff right after Christmas because its so cheap....and this year when I opened my decorations box, I had some surprises that I had forgotten about. BAM, brand new tree decorations this year!

2. If you are on the angel tree and you ask for cowboy boots, you pretty much get everything that is on your wish list. I'm a sucker for kids that don't want video games or iphones.

3. I finally have outdoor Christmas lights....complements of the after Christmas sales!

4. My nativity set.....only took me two years and bribing my friends and family to help me finish it, but I have a nativity set....that I painted and its awesome!

5. Don't forget the seniors. I love the Angel Tree and picking out gifts for the younger generation that needs a little extra boost around the holidays, this year I added a senior citizen to my list. And all they wanted was some homemade cookies and fruit.....I can do that! And I failed to take a picture of my beautiful cookies!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends and family!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Jealousy is something that I never want to feel of others. I mean sure its there, the small things like I wish I had that snowboard or I wish I could wear those super cute tights and make them look good, but I honestly never, ever want to be so jealous of someone that it makes me miserable. So miserable that I can't see the world really turning outside my head and what I think I know. We know that if we are that miserable with ourselves and our feelings of jealousy....we are bound to be making those around us miserable too. We've all been there at one time or another....the jelouslee and the jealousor and neither one is a fun role to play.

Jealously can feel like a lot of different can look like a lot of different things. It looks ridiculous, it looks like low self esteem, if feels like inadequacy, it looks like anger, it feels like humiliation, it feels like high school.  and its a vicious cycle that is tough to break.

And when someone is jealous of you? How do you act? What do you say? How do you make yourself appear less threatening?

I've decided there is only so much I can do. I'm going to work on me, being the best me that I can be is important, physically, emotionally and mentally. If that requires me to do some housecleaning friends cleaning then so be it. I'm going to be thankful for what/who I have. I'm going to do what is best for me, while not pushing others down. I'm going to lift others up. I'm going to work on my self esteem, being confident and maybe, just maybe I'll wear those super cute tights too. I'm going to work on getting rid of any jealousy that I may have, no matter how big or small and hope that throwing out jealousy will be more powerful that jealousy itself.....maybe getting rid of jealousy will take hold and be contagious to all those around us.

The pathway to happiness is not paved in jealousy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

comedy club: sheldon cooper

Holy crap! I do not know how I ever missed this episode, but it will be bookmarked next to "Ed Being Naughty" for when I have bad days and just need to laugh!

Monday, December 8, 2014

the barn by bryan [December 2014]

I hope everyone found enough turkey and fixings to over eat for Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to spend lots of money, spread lots of cheer and be merry. And, of course, it’s time to hit the slopes (or, for me, fall down the mountain). So, here is my gift to you, a bitchin’ playlist (it’s not Christmas music, but hey). HO, HO, HO… Merry Christmas!!!

Great Divide, Let’s Get Out of Here Tonight
Reckless Kelly, Snowfall
Chris Ledoux, The Ol’ Double Diamond
Josh Abbott Band, Touch
Turnpike Troubadours, Whole Damn Town 


And for the record, its not Bryan's fault that this is so late getting posted. I take the full blame!

Monday, December 1, 2014

i'm knockin' it and i ain't tried it

Black Friday shopping sounds horrible, even in my medium sized town.....avoid at all costs. Plus it like starts at ungodly hours....count me out, I'm still in a turkey coma.

Its as bad as I imagine.....right?