Wednesday, December 24, 2014

christmas at the 1413

Christmas is the second most wonderful time of the year....sorry, July 4th is my absolute favorite holiday. What does Christmas look like around here this year?

1. I like to buy Christmas stuff right after Christmas because its so cheap....and this year when I opened my decorations box, I had some surprises that I had forgotten about. BAM, brand new tree decorations this year!

2. If you are on the angel tree and you ask for cowboy boots, you pretty much get everything that is on your wish list. I'm a sucker for kids that don't want video games or iphones.

3. I finally have outdoor Christmas lights....complements of the after Christmas sales!

4. My nativity set.....only took me two years and bribing my friends and family to help me finish it, but I have a nativity set....that I painted and its awesome!

5. Don't forget the seniors. I love the Angel Tree and picking out gifts for the younger generation that needs a little extra boost around the holidays, this year I added a senior citizen to my list. And all they wanted was some homemade cookies and fruit.....I can do that! And I failed to take a picture of my beautiful cookies!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends and family!

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  1. In love with your tree skirt. And I think it's awesome you do seniors and kids for the Angel tree. LOVE the boots!