Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GO-al time: 2014 recap

1. Meet a yearly savings goal

2. Have a spa day/weekend at a legit spa (with a robe)
My sisters and I got together in SLC and had a sister weekend for our Christmas present to each other. We crashed the Woolgrowers Convention, hit the spa for some TLC (and a robe), movies, dinner, shopping and general relaxing!

3. Palisade, CO vineyards pedal bike tour

4. Get to/maintain goal weight

5. "Pay for" season snowboarding pass

6. Finish the Dirty 30 list
6A. Hike a 14'er
We made the 12 mile hike is about 9 hours. Click here to read all about it!

6B. Lose 30 lbs (7/30) (5/30) (14/30) (22/30) (32/30)(33/30)

6C. Finish TurboFire Chalean Extreme
6D. Brice Canyon
6E. Zion National Park
6F. Territorial Prison Museum
6G. Finish my will
6H. Have outdoor Christmas lights

6I. Go night snowboarding
Ultimate fail, a second snowboarding season has passed and I didn't get this done. Maybe night snowboarding just isn't for me.
6J. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
6K. Take a Spanish class
7. 12 months, 12 massages (1/12)(2/12) (8/12)
Despite my slow start I made up some serious ground on this one. Besides just being awesome, I really felt some health benefits from regular massage.
8. Only go to Wal-Mart once a month
Not happening. I'm still an American.
9. Instagram Photo Challenge (copying Football Fan once again)
I participate.....sometimes.....and sporadically at best. And by sporadically I mean practically never.

10. Sell my house

All in all I didn't do too bad, although I was really hoping to get them all crossed off. I won't be carrying over another list, I think it was a bit stay tuned for my 2015 goals....and a few of the unfinished ones did make the 2015 list.

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  1. You did pretty dang well I'd say! Can't wait to see your 2015 goals. I'm posting mine tomorrow!