Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ringing in 2014

This year Military Friend and I had BIG plans for NYE....we just couldn't stand staying home and doing nothing. But our big plans kept falling through, so we decided to hit up Monarch with our season passes and celebrate with big time in a small town. Verdict? Small ski towns really are the best ever!

We rang in the New Year with the Boys from Kansas, who we kept running into all weekend trip long. They were a riot and impressed that I requested Randy Rogers Band. After ringing in the New Year and staying up way past our bedtime....and by way past I mean until 3 AM. Ouch. We hit the slopes on 4" of new snow by 930AM on New Years Day. Military Friend and I are usually a chatty pair, but we mostly just sat in silence on the lift that day. 

After playing in the snow, we decided that a trip to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs was exactly what was needed to prepare us for the nap that was to be taken before dinner on New Years Day. We had some VIP passes and the hot springs didn't disappoint. Although it was crowded it was still very relaxing! Take away points for not getting a robe though.....I wanted a robe!

I saw my second torchlight parade for the week and finished off with some fireworks. This was only my second time to board at Monarch and I think I'll make it a point to go back despite the long drive from Wyoming. And Salida, Colo for NYE....I'll recommend that!

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  1. I really do love ringing in a new year in a ski town followed by a day on the slopes. That does, however, substantially increase the threat of breaking two of the three basic rules---no cops and no puking.