Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30/31: one year

When I started pushin' 30, it started pushin' back......and I compiled this Dirty 30 list . I'm at one year of working on my list and about 3 months until I'm 31. ouch, that hurt to type that! I realized quickly after my last update that I wasn't going to complete my list, but I'm still workin' on it....the longer it lasts, the more I spread out the fun I suppose. I'm going to whittle down all my comments on here, check out my Dirty 30 tab for recaps of all my goals and what I got accomplished off my list this year.

I'm adding on to my first quarter report (shown in brown) and my running totals after the second quarter are in green, the third quarter accomplishments are in red, and my newest accomplishments are in blue. And remember when I reserved my right to change and amend my list....yep I'm doing that and those are in purple.

What I got done this year

While I didn't finish in the money, I finished. and ate mini cinnamon rolls.

5. Save $6,000
I made this one early, preceded to spend a medium sized chunk and recently made it back. Homeownership seriously wrecks my world sometimes.

7. Finish Chalean Extreme
I finished the 3 month program and loved it! Although I didn't hit my goals, I'm starting another round so hopefully I can get there in Round 2. I did lose 7.5 lbs and 17.5 inches total.

8. Golf 3 new courses (3/3) (4/3)
I did good on this one! Even though I felt like I didn't golf as much this year as I did last year, I got in several new courses, most of which was within one weeks time. I guess I was super focused! I golfed in Billings, MT, Thermopolis, WY and Monpelier, ID to complete my goal. Then threw in Sherwood Hills in Sardine Canyon, UT to go above and beyond!
9. Learn to wakeboard
Got this one covered! I can get up and move around a little bit, sometimes making out AND in the wake, so we are calling it a success. Plenty of room for improvement though!

13. Meet my neighbors
I met a few of my neighbors this year, still can't remember most of their names but that's just the way things go sometimes. They are mostly nice neighbors.

15. Far-away friend of the month card/care package (3/12) (6/12) (9/12) (12/12)
While I didn't really get the care package part of this done, I did pay tribute to a far-away friend each month. And I sure have some pretty great friends that live too far away from me, in my opinion.

17. Have a blog  
Well, I have a blog and I even have some readers! I have to say that blogging has been way more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be for me. I think I'll continue, so if you want to humor me....keep commenting....I love those alot!
20. Donate blood 3x (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)
I can't tell you how much I want everyone who can to donate blood. Its easy, you get free food and each donation can save 3 lives. And that's pretty darn cool!

21. Adopt a soldier program
I got back into the adopt a solder program through Soldiers Angels again. It has been a very enjoyable experience and I've even gained a few new friends that I still talk to. One highlight was getting a request from a troop leader that had recently been deployed for a Duck Dynasty care package for his whole troop. I had so many great people volunteer money, time, ideas and love. It was AWESOME!

22. Volunteer at National High School Finals Rodeo
Checked in horses from 10 pm to 2 am, then I went home and took a nap (or 2).

23. Get my concealed carry permit
Wyoming is pro gun. I was really surprised at how simple it was to get my concealed carry permit. It took a couple months, but since I already had my hunter education safety course completed all I basically had to do was fill out paperwork, pass the background check and write a check.

25. Zip line 5 state road trip, just me, my car and the open road
Just under 3,000 miles, a 41 hour book on cd and lots of stops to see friends and family. I never thought I could drive this far pretty much on my own, but I think I might do it again. Best part? Next to no itinerary, just going where the wind blows (not blows...just a breeze, after all I'm not a real gypsy, just almost).

26. Finish my house projects - trim, yard, closet doors
Finally getting some of these last details completed and I'll be honest, I wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so long. The little details sure make my house look a lot better.

27. Pay off my car.....again (which also means paying off the basement swimming pool removal)
I finally got this one paid off again, got the title back, just in time to start paying on another house disaster. Hey I guess 1 is better than 2, but I won't be saving lots of money for a new car (someday) any time soon.

28. Visit my grandparents (2/2)
I was able to spend some time with both of my grandparents during my Really Big Road Trip this summer. I know I enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure that they did too. As I get older and older, it seems harder and harder to find time to make the trips to see everyone, but it sure is nice to catch up with everyone!
29. Make 12 new Pinterest recipes or projects (3/12) (9/12)(11/12) (12/12)
Pinterest is all the rage and man on man does it have some awesome ideas. Its been a lifesaver for those nights where nothing sounds good for dinner! If you aren't on Pinterest....you should be! Follow me, I pin cool stuff!
30. Read 6 new books (1/6) (6/6) (8/6)
Thank goodness for traveling, that is where I get my reading in. I don't think I read a bad book this year. Click here to check out my library!

What I didn't get done this year (but I am going until my actual birthday in March so there is still time to squeeze out some last minute checkmarks).

1. Hike a 14'er
Summer is over, snow on the mountains, this one isn't happening while I'm in the 3-0 because I'm for sure not extreme enough to take this on my snowboard. Military Friend and I are recruiting....its going to be Pikes Peak this coming summer!

3. Buy the person behind me's meal
I'm a lazy hunk of junk. I had many opportunities and good intentions to get this one done. I mean seriously how easy would it have been to get this checked off, yet I'll be doing it in the coming months. Better late then never I suppose.

4. Lose 30 lbs (7/30) (5/30) (14/30)
Slow and steady wins the race. I'm still working on this, I am trying some new programs, joined a challenge group that is full of motivating ladies and as always trying to straighten out my diet.
6. Finish TurboFire
I'm probably going to change this goal to a Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire hybrid program. I just love Chalean Extreme and I don't want to quit doing it.
10. Brice Canyon
I guess a road trip is in order to mark Brice and Zion off the list.
11. Zion National Park
See #10
12. Territorial Prison Museum
I just need to slow down on I-80 long enough to visit this one....I may try to combine this with a snowboard trip or something to get it marked off!
14. Finish my will
If something happens to me someone please come get Tylie asap so that she doesn't become a ward of the state. I really, really, really need to get this done, but I'll be honest the actual making an appointment with a lawyer and writing him/her a check is what is holding me up right now. Poor excuse I know. I'll get on it.

16. Have outdoor Christmas lights
I decided that instead of putting up Christmas lights this year I would put up a for sale sign. That's right the house is on the market. Come one, come all and put in an offer!
18. Go night snowboarding
Its snowboarding season once again! I'm saying this one will be complete before the actual 3-1 arrives!

19. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
Not happening this year, the snowboard is out and the golf clubs are tucked away for the winter. Unless I go to AZ or CA or pretty much anywhere warm....hummmmm.

24. Take a Spanish class
 I'm signed up for Spanish at Sheep Camp. We shall see if it delivers, if not there is always conversational Spanish offered that the college. I bet there are different words taught at these 2 establishments.


  1. Wow.....you have done a LOT of stuff! I'm super impressed! And with three months left, I bet you'll knock off several more items! Way to go!!

  2. Way to go! I'm kind of inspired to make my own dirty 30 list, if I start now, I might get it done by the time I'm 30 or 31.

  3. You have accomplished a lot and I bet you'll do several more in the next three months. Keep it up!