Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Family Ski Trip

I've gotten an invitation for several years to join the fun in Red River NM from Football Fan and this year I made it a point to go. After all, the snowboarding was "free".

Although this year's group was smaller and calmer and abided by the the new rules. Rules like:
1. No puking 2. No bar fights 3. No cops/jail. Even with rules in place, we had a great time and even got some fresh snow to play in.**We may or may not have even needed rules, as we were sound asleep by 11pm, we were on vacation, we do what we want**

I had a conversation before I left on the trip that went something like this......
Friend: So how many people are going?
Me: Oh, I'm not really sure, I think like 10-ish
Friend: Wow and you know all of them?
Me: No, I actually only know one person, but I'm sure we will all be friends because she likes me and she likes them so its pretty much required right?
Friend: Um, sure.

I win, I came away from the weekend with some new friends!

Thank you new friends and Football Fan for actually taking some pictures!

Red River is a neat little ski town because the lift come literally right down to Main Street! We watched the torchlight parade down The Face from the Lifthouse Bar. Our condo was only an easy walk, about a block away. I even made it in my snowboard boots, and the boys made it in ski boots so you know it was EASY!

Great time and I think I'll be asking to be permanently added to the Family.

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  1. Yay!! So glad that (1) you came; (2) you had fun; (3) you got a blog up timely unlike my slacker self; and (4) you want to be added to the family, because it's official--you're in!