Monday, November 25, 2013

I must go

If you need me this winter your best bet will be to visit a crap ton of ski areas throughout the mountain west. I had a semi-impluse purchase of a 2013-2014 season pass to Monarch Ski Area. Now its unlikely that I will actually go to Monarch more than once, but let me tell you, they call their pass One Planet, One Pass and they have deals all over for free days at tons of resorts. I figure I can pay for it AND get to try out a ton of new ski areas!!! WIN.

See you on the slopes!

We are already starting to plan some trips, so if you want on the fun train...holla!


  1. So excited for your NM leg of the ski slope tour!

  2. Sounds like a blast! Living in Eastern MT, I miss all of the mountains and ski hills of Western MT. Growing up we lived about an hour from a ski hill and would go a lot during winter. Now, we'd have to travel all the way down to Red Lodge for the closest hill!