Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RIP Critter

The Assistant Pack Leader had wanted a weenie dog for as long as I can remember. Said weenie dog had a name long before he entered this world and Critter joined our family one year for Christmas.

Critter Jack is the poster child for personality. He was quirky, he was fun and he wasn't afraid to stand up for himself......or any toy who he made the decision to adopt. Critty could "back it on up fat Jesus" into the roping box that looked eerily similar to the corner of the couch. Fist bump, had that one down. Want him to roll over? He'd do it with style by spinning in a circle first. every.single.time.

Critter was very protective of his bones, treats and especially of the toys that he found on his own. A hedgehide (which of course is a hedgehog that had his feet chewed off so he couldn't run away and had been gutted....becomes a hedgehide) or a bear that he pulled out of Assistant Pack Leader's garage sale pile, or "Snowy" the snowman that he adopted out of Tylie's Christmas stocking. These special things had a special hiding place in his crate, or condo as he liked to call it. And if any human tried to take these things out of his condo.....they would be the proud owner of a bloody stump for a hand.

Critter and Assistant Pack Leader were quite the pair. Critty was the best healer and looked after Assistant Pack Leader while she was fighting cancer. He would cuddle for hours on the couch making sure she wasn't lonely. He'd watch any show that she wanted and just all around loved her until she got better. But don't let that cute little face fool you, make him mad and you'd find a present waiting for you in your bedroom.

Critter was only with us for 6 short years, but he was a member of the family and a best friend to Assistant Pack Leader.

Yesterday, Assistant Pack Leader had to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Critter had hurt his back and was in constant pain. She did the brave, honorable and was worthy of Crit's devotion. She let Critter join his brother Luck in doggie heaven where he can continue to look over the Assistant Pack Leader. And while this is an impossible decision, its one that we as pet owners are charged with. To do what's right and what our pets need us to be strong enough to do when they aren't strong enough to help themselves.

Rest in Peace Critter Jack.

Quite possibly the hardest decision I've ever made. Rest easy, Critter J. I lost a huge part of my heart today, and the six years I had you were some of the best. Love you pal.


  1. Aww, this hurts my heart! So sorry for you all!

  2. My heart breaks :( I know how hard it is to lose a dog. They are truly a member of our families and I hate it whenever I see posts about this. He's got a lot of good company up there with a couple of our farm dogs too :(

  3. My heart is just breaking for your sis : (