Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turn left at the black cow standing by the big rock

Geographical disaster, that's me. Most people, once they have been somewhere can get back there. Me.....if I've been there, there is absolutely no guarantee that I can get there again, much less make it back from there.

And if I've been there a million times, I can give you horribly confusing directions. For instance, I was giving directions to a friends house a couple weekends ago in Oklahoma and they sounded something like this:

go out on 33, past the hospital until you see the golf course sign <friend says "which golf course>, I don't know which one, then you turn left on that road and go over the railroad tracks, then down a big hill and up a big hill and turn right and its the first house on the right. To make my directions even clearer than mud, I use my hands when I talk, big hands.

Yep, I'm that girl and that black cow better not move!


  1. That's quite funny! I love your directions. I think it's a small town thing. People back home say things like, "You'll see the house with the trailer that looks like so-and-so's" or things along those lines. Or things like, "You go past the pasture where we used to hang out on Friday night after the basketball game." LOL.

  2. HA! That's exactly like me too...I'm terrible with directions! If I've been somewhere once, I won't remember how to get there again. My husband remembers it like the back of his hand after once and can't seem to understand why I can't remember it like he can! haha