Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday night

It used to be that Friday night was reserved for grabbing a few beers after school to go home and get ready to go out on the Strip, usually closing down the bar and hitting up the MacDonalds on the way home (in the early hours of "tomorrow"). But I think its safe to say I've outgrown that stage as I'm usually in my sweats before I'd even be leaving the house in the "old" days.

You really want to impress this girl with a Friday night?

How about a Taken marathon and drinking whiskey and diet before heading to bed at a decent hour. I'm there. Or maybe hours on hours of Phase 10 with some friends in the trailer park? Count me in! How about a little fire while sitting around on coolers bag chairs (much more comfortable) with some cornhole. Can't get me away. Want to go all out? How about a small town dance. Done deal.

And there you have it.....big Friday nights!


  1. Ha....this morning I've had three of the girls coming for my bday already talk about needing a nap before we go out. I think that is official proof that we're old. Ha!

  2. Those sound like perfect Friday night ideas to me!!! I remember in college that I used to get sad and depressed if my weekend nights didn't include some sort of big party of something where I ended up staying out until 3am...oh the good ol' days!! haha