Monday, November 4, 2013

It's personal to me

 Its been said that if you give someone ownership of their job, they will look at it as their own, take pride in it and strive to do it well. And I think its true. I am proud of my ranchers, and they are mine and I'd do darn near anything for them. I am proud of where I currently call home and just for reference Rock Springs isn't the armpit of Wyoming -- Rawlins is.

I am proud of the lives they lead, providing food and fiber for Americans and the rest of the world. They are ambassadors for agriculture and especially for southwest WY agriculture, which is different than a lot of areas throughout the US. Besides for the 'normal' goods that people think of when they think of agriculture, my guys (and gals) are doing great things.....they are publishers of magazines, they are suppliers of wool to the US Military, they are suppliers to 100% American made products, they do interviews to be an advocates for agriculture, they are on discussion panels and work groups for a variety of issues from range health, environmental concerns, endangered/threatened species etc, they are first, second, third and fourth generation ranchers, they are widows who buckled down and are making it work, they sit on multiple boards for state departments of agriculture, conservation districts, county committees, stockgrowers, water boards, wool growers and the list goes on and on.

I can honestly say that I believe my job is important and it makes a difference. That may not be true for all government employees and it may not even be true for all FSA offices, but I know the difference it makes right here. I know our work is appreciated by most and that has got to be enough for me.

American farmers and ranchers, even those that participate in government programs, are more than just a hand out. They are probably the most important people in the world.


  1. You're making a difference, Jen! I know that those ranchers love you!

  2. I am proud to represent most of these statistics!! And happy that my state has more cows than people :) I'll take that statistic any day!

  3. You make the best kind of difference! Keep up your good work and your PASSION.