Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HomeMade: water closet #1

Is it weird that one of my favorite rooms in my house is the bathroom. Its simple, its clean (well has clean lines) and when I compare it with what it looked like when I moved it, I feel like I'm HGTV worthy.

For this update, I got my family involved. It was all freshly painted by me. Dad was charged with replacing the light fixture, sink and countertop. Check out that sweet 70s countertop and sink....use your imagination for the what the whole thing looked like! eeeekkkkkk! Mom helped me lay the new tile. I wish I had a picture of the awful "tile" laminate that was in here before, you can sorta see it in the fabulous mirrored shower doors. HA! And I pulled out some used decorations and wall hangings and repurposed them. One thing that I really love about this bathroom is the hooks. I opted for coat hooks to hang towels on rather than towel rods because the room is so small and I'll just tell you, it will be hooks in the bathroom forever for me. Looks nice, easier to use and takes up less space! I love them!

Improvement? I think yes!

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