Thursday, November 21, 2013

#15.11: Far-away friend: Tennessee lady

Some of you probably don't know that I lived in Tennessee for a year after I finished grad school at Oklahoma State. I worked for the Center for Profitable Agriculture, which was a partnership between the University of Tennessee and Farm Bureau. We worked directly with farmers and ranchers to develop value-added agricultural enterprises. I worked with livestock producers. It was a great job.

Anyway, when I moved to Tennessee, I had been there a total of 2 times which means I had met my co-workers a total of 2 times. This is as close to loading all my crap in a trailer and moving somewhere without knowing a soul that I have ever been......maybe it will be as close as I ever am.

Although I was only there a year, I made some very good friends through work. One in particular I still talk to on a regular basis. She is fun and active and down to earth. Whenever I have fun, exciting news.....I tell her. Whenever I'm struggling and need to talk.....I tell her.

Its great to know that there is always someone there to listen and to give their thoughts and advice.

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