Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TGBTL: Tangible Intangibles

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What is one tangible thing you have that holds intangible value to you?

When graduating from Limon High School and as a Girls Track member, one could be sure to receive a black banner from Coach Grimes that read Limon Girls Track - Teammates Forever, Thanks Grimes. 

Lots of you are probably wondering why a black banner is so important to me, why that would mean anything. At the Limon gym all state champion teams have black banners showing the sport, the year. Black = champion. In addition to black banners, there are white banners covering the walls of that gym in eastern Colorado. White banners are runner-up teams, showing the sport and the year. Limon has a long legacy of excelling in sports....all of them, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track and softball. Many are proud to call themselves a Badger, proud of the athletic excellence that is important to so many.

Me? I am proud to be a former Lady Badger. I am proud of our accomplishments, our hard work and our dedication. I can only claim to be a part of one banner hanging on the walls of the gym, but Grimes taught me to be a champion even though I wasn't a part of multiple state championships. Each time I look at the black banner that came from Coach Grimes I remember to believe in myself, believe in others and above all else to work my ass off for what I want. Win or lose, work harder than everyone else.


  1. AH! I need to dig my black banner up... Such a great gift! It is so hard to describe to any one who isn't a Limonite; the great respect, hard work and even more the great roll models that we were brought up with. I am and will always be very proud to be a Badger! Even here in Kansas, where I live I have some ties to Limon one of them being a Stratton Eagle, even he says "pull/push for the Badgers" when he enters and leaves our office :) That is impressive since he was apart of the group who once died our Badger green and threw him in the swimming pool. Point being, hold on to that Badger Pride!

  2. I love this! It's so amazing the impact a coach can have on kids years later with something so small!