Friday, January 10, 2014

Farm to Feet

I'm excited when ranchers out of my area have exciting opportunities to promote agriculture and tell the story of range sheep operations because what they do, how they make a living is not known by many and its pretty fascinating.

Recently, a 3rd generation rancher in southwest Wyoming hit a deal with Farm to Feet socks. Farm to Feet is a completely American made product. The wool is American, the manufacturing workers are American in America, packaging is made in America....well you get the idea, American made.

Fred's some 7,000 ewes provide wool for these awesome socks. Go ahead check out the official story....I'll wait for you.

I have a few pairs and I love them. I wear them alot! to work, snowboarding, out in the field. I'm being converted to wool as we speak. It's not itchy (even though I was convinced it would be), its warm and it keeps you dry, plus they have some super cute designs!

Farm to Feet, ready to hit the slopes!

If you are looking for some fun new socks that will keep you warm, check out Farm to Feet. You won't be sorry! Want to go straight to ordering your very own pair? Click here to shop!


  1. I'm ordering my pair this weekend!! Can't wait!

  2. Those are awesome socks! Whodathunk it that wool is not itchy anymore!!! I started knitting with wool - and my own socks - but may try a pair of these for those times socks are in between needles! Love the name the best I think!!!!

    1. Hey Kelli! I couldn't reply back by email because your comment came through as "no reply" but I just wanted to say enjoy your socks! I love them and need to buy some more because I wear them pretty much everyday now! Enjoy!

  3. This is also another "test". And those socks look awesome, and perhaps I'll order some this week, as i'm sitting at my desk with freezing feet!