Friday, October 3, 2014

Toes in the sand, a** in the shale [12 days of summer edition 6]

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 Fourth of July is my favorite holiday in the whole wide world. I just love, love it! Its all good things, all in one weekend! Good friends, good reason for celebrating, good booze, good food, good activities.

The trip started off a bit shaky after a storm rolled in, bringing with it the infamous Wyoming wind which of course ripped my tent right off the stakes, leaving behind shreds of tent staked to the ground while the rest of it took flight. My trashcan is now overflowing with tent remains....but the weekend wasn't ruined. Thanks to Mike and his over zealous packing, we had a roof over everyone's head.

We have made an annual trip to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir our July 4th plans. Music Man brings his boat, my family comes from Colorado, Utah and Texas. And we camp on the lake, we fish, we boat, we build campfires, we play cornhole. Its exhausting having that much fun!

I have decided that I can maybe get this wakeboarding thing down, but slalom skiing....that might be a thing of the past, as in my high school past. I sure don't remember it being so dang difficult to get my rear up out of the water on one ski!

My fishing skills seemed to have left me for the weekend and the only one that caught a fish was Assistant Pack Leader.....and I don't think she was too thrilled at the photo op. She did request that the following hashtags be used in any social media involving this pictures so here they are. #fishfearme #smellofvictory #killerinstinct #nofishwereharmedinthemakingofthisphoto.

God Bless America!

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