Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm crazy....well maybe only half

So as I am about to embark on my second (yeah who in the hell ever thought there would be a first let alone a second....I'm a pushover) half marathon, I came across this post titled Only HALF Crazy on Facebook, so naturally I clicked. You should too, hers is funnier than mine.

So what crossed my mind in the 2 hours and 50 some odd minutes while I was cruising around San Jose, California?

1. Why did we get here so early
2. I hope I make the train crossings in time....or do I?
3. There sure are alot of port-a-potties
4. Jeez....where are all the port-a-potties?
5. My hips hurt
6. My knees hurt
7. Which hurt worse? my hips or my knees?
8. I wonder what that guy's time is going to be?
9. Where is that guy's shoes? Who runs barefoot?
10. Which wine should I drink first?
11. How many people signed up for this nonsense?
12. I hope they don't run out of medals before I finish
13. I should have taken one of those donuts at mile 8....damnit.
14. O happy day! the finish line and the end of my last ever half marathon!

1 comment:

  1. Those are totally some of the same thoughts I had...both times! When and where is half #2? It's addicting!