Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Some days come and some days go
But someday never gets here.
Someday is just a dream away.
Someday is always next year.

Someday we’ll all go fishing.
I’m taking my family with me.
Heading to that lunker lake
Where that trophy is bound to be.

Someday we’ll all raft the river
Or maybe paddle by canoe.
We’ll soak up fun and challenge.
There’s nothing we won’t do.

Someday I’m heading up north
Or maybe I’ll head west.
Take my son on that dream hunt
Where hunting is the best.

We’ll go by boat. We’ll go by plane
Or maybe mule or horse.
Somewhere where big game is big,
In the wilderness of course.

Someday I’ll win big in the lotto.
And when my ship comes in,
I’ll find the time. I’ll find the money.
I’ll be gone with the wind.

But, something says there’s work to do
And bills that must be paid.
That time and money can’t be found.
They both must be made.

So, the time had come for action.
Someday would soon be here.
I’d go for broke. I’d make my move.
I’d overcome my fear.

Then I called the man to set it up
And confirm our coming date.
He said, “Someday ’s been booked for years.
That we were way too late.”

It seems that everyone is going someday,
The most popular of days.
He suggested that I try firsts or seconds
of Junes, Julys or Mays.

And when I cursed in great frustration
He sensed that I turned red.
So, he agreed to confirm a date for me.
That someday I’d be dead.

And on that day we will all be together,
My family and my friends.
They’ll toast the times that could have been
And say their last amens.

They’ll say, “ol’ John was quite a guy.”
“He knew how to set a goal.”
Then bury those dreams right with him
Inside a six foot hole.

Because some days come and some days go,
And someday is going to get here.
Some day when your dreaming is done,
Some day there’ll be no next year.

So make the time and take the money
And make your dreams come true.
Because every day is someday!
But, the decisions are up to you.

~John Nelson

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  1. Oh my gosh. Talk about something that hits you right in the gut. It's so easy to get caught up in the "somedays." Great reminder!