Monday, October 27, 2014

the happiest place on earth [12 days of summer edition 9]

Its no secret that I loved my time in Oklahoma and it remains that its one of my favorite places to go back to and visit, after all its the happiest place on earth.

This year, our employee's association was hosted by the great state of Oklahoma and I was excited! I of course turned it into a slightly longer vacation and squeezed in some extra days to visit some of my favorite Okies!

I started out in Tulsa with one of my good friends from OSU and his wife. Although I'd only met her once before at their wedding we were/are instant friends. I went to a baby shower, we got a pedicure....some quality girl time. I didn't completely ditch my friend though, we got in some good Mexican food and some beers too! Tulsa isn't one of my usual stops, but I'm sure glad I drove the few extra miles to visit see them and because I was one of the first few to find out they are expecting their first little one in March! They will be awesome parents!

From Tulsa, on to Guthrie and the Okie Cowboy Family. We didn't really do anything that special, but just hung out and tagged along to all the activities that surround 2 little girls. And oh boy do those girls know how to keep you busy! I'm positive I have never pushed on a swing set so much in my life!

After leaving Guthrie, I headed down to the City for my work convention. Let me just say I have some of the best co-workers in the world. In addition to informative meeting we sure had a blast seeing the best of what Oklahoma has to offer!

There is always a day to see the sights around the area hosting the Convention. I chose the Ag Tour this year and was super excited to visit Express Ranches, the Oklahoma City Stockyards (complete with lunch at the famous Cattlemen's Steakhouse) and Braum's Dairy (complete with ice cream)! It was a very fun and interesting tour!

We also spent some time in BrickTown, which I never had really done, even though I lived there for about 2 years. If you are ever in the area, I can't recommend Michael Murphy's Bueling Piano Bar enough. Hands down the most fun bar I've ever been too! Even our head hanchos from Washington DC had a good time up there.....and got on stage!

We also had dinner and entertainment at Remington Park, I didn't win any money, but sure had fun. It was a beautiful night and the atmosphere just couldn't be more exciting than at Remington Park!

I love Oklahoma despite the heat and humidity and I always have a great time, every time I visit!

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