Thursday, April 9, 2015

the one where I refused to pay $100 for a laundry hamper and then made my own for $100

so my dirty clothes baskets sit behind the door in my closet

therefore, I throw piles of clothes on the floor in my room and that is not conducive to trying to keep a clean room. (I'm trying to keep a clean room for some odd reason).

So, I get this bright idea to buy a nice (and cute) laundry hamper for out IN my room, so I pull out the Google machine and get to shopping. I found TONS of  a few cute laundry hampers that I would love to have be ok with in my room. Except they carried a price tag of $60-100 bucks! After I ranted about how I would never, ever spend $100 bucks on a laundry hamper, I decided that Pinterest would probably better fit my needs.......

where I found this......

and proceeded to spend $100 "making" my own laundry hamper.

Strangely enough, I'm ok with my $100 laundry hamper....because its a badass laundry hamper...and I'm officially old because I'm excited about a badass laundry hamper.

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