Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You ain't changed, all that much

When I was in college I worked at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch each summer. Every Tuesday morning was the Breakfast Ride where we would take trail rides to a spot up in the aspens and pine trees and a hot, yummy breakfast would be cooking in the temporary outdoor kitchen.
Photo via Gordon Patton Photography

Rod cooking bacon, celebrated his 85th birthday this summer.
Every Tuesday, local cowboy poet, John Nelson would perform for guests and employees alike. One of my favorites that he would do is Reincarnation by Wallace McRae.

Photo via Gordon Patton Photography

"What does reincarnation mean?"
A cowpoke asked his friend.
His pal replied, "It happens when
Yer life has reached its end.
They comb yer hair, and warsh yer neck,
And clean yer fingernails,
And lay you in a padded box
Away from life's travails.

"The box and you goes in a hole,
That's been dug into the ground.
Reincarnation starts in when
Yore planted 'neath a mound.
Them clods melt down, just like yer box,
And you who is inside.
And then yore just beginnin' on
Yer transformation ride.

"In a while the grass'll grow
Upon yer rendered mound.
Till some day on yer flattened grave
A lonely flower is found.
"And say a hoss should wander by
And graze upon this flower
That once wuz you, but now's become
Yer vegetative bower.

"The posey that the hoss done ate
Up, with his other feed,
Makes bone, and fat, and muscle
Essential to the steed.
But some is left that he can't use
And so it passes through,
And finally lays upon the ground
this thing, that once wuz you.

"Then say, by chance, I wanders by
And sees this upon the ground,
And I ponders, and I wonders at,
This object that I found.
I thinks of reincarnation,
Of life and death, and such,
And come away concludin':  Slim,
You ain't changed, all that much."

What if reincarnation really was an option and one could choose what to come back as?  I'd choose an otter. Otters are fun, I feel like they play all day, plus they are cute! Even when they are eating its kinda like playing, floating around on their backs, cracking shells on rocks. I think its kinda like eating shell peanuts. I like peanuts. and otters.

Otter chillin' in the harbor in Seward, Alaska

The first Alaskan otter I saw in 2008

What would you choose to be?

Special thanks to Gordon for helping me out with Waunita pictures for this blog!


  1. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that they would come back as an otter. Ha!

  2. What a cool place! And awesome memories you must have of working there.

    Oh and I could use some of that bacon right now....