Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Build it and they will come

I had a table in college from I think the 50s, then I had no table for a very long time. This was all fine and dandy until I would invite people over for dinner and had no place for them to sit! As I set out on operation dining table I didn't realize just how difficult this would be. I couldn't find a single table that I liked, could afford AND fit in my house! So I decided I would just build a table, can't be that hard, I built tons of furniture in high school shop class and oooooo, think of the money I would save over buying those cheaply built, overpriced things they were selling in the stores.

What did I learn through this project?
  1. barnwood is not as easy to work with as solid oak
  2. I miss the tools that Schmidt had in shop back at ole' LHS
  3. when you think you might save money by doing it yourself....you probably won't
  4. I will name this the procrastination table.......I built it in a day, then proceeded to take a year to finish it.
excuse my awesome photography skills and the blurriness

I thought I'd have about $100 worth of epoxy on the top......$300+ dollars later, its not what I had in my mind, but I do REALLY like it! Best part? My dinner guests have a table to eat off of.....still looking for the perfect chairs to really be able to call it a complete dining set (I need 2 more). Its even been the place of the partial family Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. You're WAY more talented than I could ever be! I usually just stick to small crafts and try to leave the larger stuff like this for my hubby or brother! With my luck the table legs would be lopsided or something and everything would come crashing down as everyone sat at the table with their food, lol.

  2. Ha! "When you think you'll save money by doing it yourself, you won't." Ain't that the darn truth!