Monday, October 7, 2013

Old folks gettin' down

Yep, that's right, I've returned to relying on  my Junior High volleyball skills to get me through old folks' volleyball league. Its still not that hard to get down on the floor, but possibly slightly harder to get up than I remember from 20 10 years ago. What! I'm not old enough to say anything "20 years ago...." I just can't. nope. not. possible.

We are the fun team that is mediocre, we have our bright shiny moments often followed by "are you a JH volleyball team" moments. Personally I think we are just saving it up for the tournament, but think what you will.

We play every Sunday during "season", usually back to back games because we are tough like that. Little Sister was in town last week so we talked her into playing on our team even though she has never played vb before. Of course she was good.

Anyway, sorry for the lame pictureless post, disappointing I know, but we usually don't even have a full team much less an extra to play photographer. I guess just use your imagination. And when you do can you picture me as one of those thin girls that can jump really high? Thanks.


  1. I bet it's entertaining to watch your games! Enjoy the season.


  2. This sounds fun. In my mind, you're jumping and hitting like Logan Tom. Good thing you didn't have pictures that might have proven me wrong. ;)

  3. Here's to hoping there's no tiny little spandex shorts in the adult league like there is in high school now :)