Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HomeMade: backyard

Why anyone would paint a cedar privacy fence white.....beyond me, but I'll be the one dealing with it....next year! In the meantime we did a little work on Tylie's Oasis. This is where she hangs out all day while I'm working. The picture above it what it looks like when we moved in, then we went to this.....and let me tell  you, not by choice.

This is what our yard looked like after the accidental basement swimming pool installation of 2011. BOO! The water line into my house was leaking/broke and left me with a swimming pool rather than a bedroom and bathroom......a week before Christmas, it was a great Christmas gift let me tell ya.

I have very little outside space, but because I'm shut my TV off for the summer, I decided it was high time to spruce up the ole' backyard so there was an awesome space to hangout during the summer and maybe even invite some folks over for some BBQ time!


  1. Wow, Jen! It looks great! How did you get your grass to do that? And I'm in love with the chairs!!

  2. The transformation is awesome. Well done!! I love the after. And bless your heart with the accidental swimming pool. As someone who has woken up to the sound of running water and a flooded backyard, I know that it is NO fun at ALL.


  3. Definitely looks like a great place to hang out! Much better than the original!