Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My first day of unemployment

Just over 5 years ago I started working for the federal government, where I signed on for the job with thoughts of proving the "typical government worker" stereo type wrong, I wanted to be different, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help people, particularly agriculture people. Never once did I ever think that in just 5 years at the ancient age of 30 that I would be unemployed and not receiving unemployment checks. Yet here we are.

I would like to extend my gracious thanks to both the President and all Democrats and Republicans of Congress. I am extremely disappointed in the blinders and pettiness that is rampant in Washington with little regard to how your selfishness affects ordinary American citizens who want to do good, who want to go to work (most days) who want to help and serve other Americans. I sincerely hope that you all can make your mortgage payments, pay your bills and afford to go to the grocery store because there are thousands more who will struggle to do these things the longer you decide to not negotiate and compromise. All the voters who chose you to represent them, I'm sure that is what they would want, you to act like 2 year olds. Throwing fits that you don't the the exact toy that you want to play with and instead of picking another toy that looks similar, you are sitting in the corner throwing a fit. I know I didn't vote to sit on my ass at home, not earning a paycheck.

Do I think that something must be done? That America can't continue to spend outside its means. YES.YES.YES! Do I think that this should be done on the backs of thousands of federal employees by essentially unemploying thousands more? NO.NO.NO. And I really believe I would feel this way even if I didn't used to be employed by the federal government.

So I always thought I would be good at retirement and I thought maybe this unexpected unemployment might be a good trial run, however I quickly realized that everything that I thought I would do in retirement costs money and when you have no idea when the next time you will receive a And so what does an unemployed federal employee do all day?

Catch supper of course....after all the fishing license is already paid for and groceries aren't free these days!

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  1. You're exactly right-acting like 2 year olds that aren't getting to play with the toy they want...ridiculous. The part that REALLY gets me is that our military is without pay right now...