Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#8.4 Sherwood Hills

as in Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Of course all the holes are appropriately named Robin Hood style. This 9 hole course was really fun and pretty challenging despite there being no water hazards and only one hole that had sand traps, but don't put it down the middle of the fairway? Then you'll be wishing for water hazards.  Its a mountain course in Sardine Canyon, UT but was a pretty easy walking course....even after the 9 mile hike that Little Sister and I thought we would bust out in the am before golf. Nothin' like gettin in one last round of golf before the snow flies!

In case you can't tell because I look kinda like a boy in that hat, that is me with a sweet t-off swing with the lovely fall color in the background for your viewing pleasure. And away go my golf clubs and out comes the snowboard, because Loveland opened this week!


  1. You guys hiked 9 miles and then played a round of golf. Most Saturdays I just want to lay on my couch and rot. You've got this thing figured out!