Friday, October 4, 2013

Wedding crashers: Ft. Collins

Last weekend, Little Sister and I ran down to Ft. Collins to celebrate a wedding with some old friends. Mike met us there and we had a great time!

Before the wedding festivites started we picked up Little Sister's +1 in Laramie, one of her friends from her college softball days. Then we hit up David's Bridal to find me a bridesmaid dress for Little Sister's wedding that is coming up in February. Here is what I'll be sporting in the dead of winter while Little Sister and Little Sister's Boyfriend (I think he needs a new blog name) get hitched, only mine is in coral.

Then we tried lunch at Beau Jo's Pizza, only to find that it had been closed, only to find later that it had really only moved a block or so away. We ended up eating at a brewery in Old Town, which was delicious and had beer so I thought it was a win anyway.

Then we were off to the wedding venue. The wedding took place at the bride's parent's house. It was so pretty and an absolutely beautiful day. It was 25 degrees when we left Wyoming that morning and nearly 70 for the outdoor ceremony. Congratulations to Mick and Kendra! and yes another epic fail on the pictures so I stole these off of Mick's Facebook. I'm responsible like that.


  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding! I love the location--so perfect!

    And your dress is really cute!! You're going to freeze, but look beautiful! :)

  2. When I read Beau Jo's closed I could not believe it... Thanks for reveling that it had just moved, however I'm a girl that doesn't like change so i'm not sure I like the idea of the move but whatever. I'm just glad I can still get Beau Jo's pizza! :))