Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I win

This edition of Sweetwater Series is a little bit different because its not a place that can be seen anytime. The Green River Rec Department is the sponsor or co-sponsor of so many cool events for the area. The Green River Arts Council has been putting on the Painting with a Twist event for 2 years now. I think its great that the Rec Department and Arts Council works so hard to bring fun events to the area!

I never win anything, except this one time where I won a free registration to Painting with a Twist! And my artistic background consists of Art101 as an undergrad, the course title happens to be Studio Art for the Non-Artist.

BUT, Painting with a Twist can make an artist out of anyone! Maybe its the wine, maybe its the super cool instructors, maybe its the yummy food, maybe its the wine. Either way, its a really fun time!

Look at that masterpiece!


  1. Ooo this looks like fun!! I need to try it! I'm a terrible artist, so wine could only help.


  2. Very nice! I'm no artist nor do I really ever get the urge to just paint. However I have done the canvas and cocktails which sounds close to painting with a twist; it was so fun i'd do it again for sure!