Friday, March 15, 2013

Soul Food Friday link-up grand opening announcement

Remember back here when I said that I'm not sure why I say YES? Well sometimes I can't even tell myself NO. So I am a pretty new blogger, but I quickly found out that I love link-ups! And I've been thinking "Self, you should start your own linkup" so I've been throwing around ideas for a while and I finally came up with

Soul Food Friday!

I will host a link up the 4th Friday of the month to which I am quite sure I will be the only one for quite a while, but maybe, just maybe others will want to share what feeds their soul. Anything that motivates you, speaks to you or generally gets you excited about life, share it on Soul Food Friday. I even made a spiffy badge for linkers to use :) You can get your code at the bottom of my page (and hopefully it actually works the way its supposed to....meaning I hope I made pirated borrowed the html code correctly)! While you are  there, grab the Almost Gypsy Soul button too!

I hope you will join me for the first Soul Food Friday on March 22!


  1. Fun, I'll put it on my calendar to join you : )

  2. I'm excited about this! So we're doing it next Friday?? And it's anything that motivates you, right??