Thursday, March 21, 2013

#15.3: Far-away friend: military friend

I don't really know how to write about this far-away friend and really do her justice. She is amazing, she is inspirational, she is brave, she is caring, she is my best friend. It doesn't matter if we talked yesterday, 2 weeks ago or a few months ago, we pick up where we left off and its like we never missed a day.

We grew up a few miles from each other and in 6th grade we were exactly the same height and size. I grew and she didn't. We were a match on the volleyball court because we already knew what each other was thinking. She was a setter and I was a middle hitter....I say hitter because lets be honest in JH there just wasn't alot of blocking happening. She ran the point and I played inside the paint. We ran track together, we were in 4-H together, we ate fried spiders at Financial Friend's house together.....we could usually be found.....together.

Military friend was always extremely self motivated (and still is) and can accomplish anything! Her favorite color is pink AND she carries a gun! After high school, she went to the Air Force Academy while I moved across the mountains to Western State in Gunnison. I was amazed by practically being stripped searched when I went to the Academy to watch one of her basketball games.....she was equally amazed that I could order pizza on any night of the week,  not just Tuesdays.

She is a little tricky though, you gotta watch her! Its her fault that I once ran 13.1 miles.....all at once. She is crazy in shape and sometimes runs marathons for fun....I think that is weird but she really does that. Anyway, she called me up one day and the story unfolds like this:

Military Friend: Hey you want to run a marathon with me later this year?
Me: um.....26.2 miles, no thanks.
Military Friend: Oh come on it will be fun, we will do a rock n' roll, there is music and people cheering for you, you won't even realize its that far.
Me: I've never ran more than 2 miles at a time, I will never run a marathon.
Military Friend: Oh, ok. Well what about a 1/2 marathon?
Me: (WARNING: horrible mistake about to be made) well I might think about doing a half, I think I could at least finish.

FF a couple months and an envelope arrives from Military Friend with a Christmas card.......and a gift certificate for a plane ticket to the DISNEY 1/2 MARATHON. Military Friend, 1. Me, 0. I went, I finished (well behind Military Friend, in fact I think she thought I had died somewhere along the way), we had a great time and my toes hurt more than any pain I've ever felt, but we did it!

She has been extremely successful in the military and has helped so many people through opportunities that she has had. She is currently stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany and does Medivac flights and hospital stuff (its really important even though I don't really know what I'm talking about with details). I know she has touched so many lives and has more life experiences in her 20 some 21 years (you like that Megs?) than most have their entire lives. OKTrailerPark Friend and I were able to go visit her in Germany in 2011 and we had a blast.....a few pictures to get you hooked, but there will be posts completely dedicated to our travels at some point.


  1. I love this! Thre is nothing like old friends! The story of how you guys were always together in high school just makes me happy.


  2. What a wonderful friendship! You two have something good.