Thursday, March 7, 2013

[Sweetwater series] winton

Something is wrong with us.....we have several winter days that are sunny, warm and beautiful, but we decide to head out to the desert when its snowing. But, hey at least the wind wasn't blowing!

Winton is an old coal mining town (I thought camp might more accurately describe the area), but according to some sources the foundation and basement that can still be seen today is the remains of the Union Pacific store. Winton had a boarding house that 50 some miners that worked 6 mines in the area called home. Main street ran east-west in front of the UP store. The whole town consisted of the boarding house, a pool hall, doctor's office, elementary school, post office, bath house and the mine office.

The brick wall is a retaining wall for the road up to Number 1 mine. We didn't venture around looking for the mines, but its pretty clear that is a popular spot for the youngsters of the county. Winton was abandoned in the 1950s.

And taking some time out to play with the dogs in the snow!

Those are my functional snowboots....not my fashion snowboots. My toes were nice and toasty all day!

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  1. Your dogs are ADORABLE! I found your blog through Tiffany yesterday. From a fellow country girl, I love that you differentiated between your "functional" boots and your "fashion" snowboots. LOL. I just have cute looking bogs, so they're cute in either situation!