Friday, March 29, 2013

30/31: 1st quarter update

When I started pushin' 30, it started pushin' back......and I compiled this Dirty 30 list . I'm now a quarter of the way through my 30th 21st year. My progress report? Well I think I'm doing pretty good so far!

1. Hike a 14'er
2. Run the Tower Rock 10K
3. Buy the person behind me's meal
4. Lose 30 lbs (4/30)
  • What was the moral of the story about the tortoise and the hare?
5. Save $6,000
  • What was the moral of the story about the tortoise and the hare?.....again. I've made my monthly savings goal 2 months (thank goodness for tax returns to keep me on track!)
6. Finish TurboFire
  • It took me 8ish weeks to finish the first phase of the plan (for your reference Phase 1 is 4 weeks long). I'm doing much better in Phase 2 and have missed only 2 workouts total in Phase 2 (I'm just finishing up week 3)! And I've been running on my "rest" day.
7. Finish Chalean Extreme
8. Golf 3 new courses
9. Learn to wakeboard
10. Brice Canyon
11. Zion National Park
12. Territorial Prison Museum
13. Meet my neighbors
14. Finish my will
15. Far-away friend of the month card/care package (3/12)
  • I have the best friends in the world! Click on Far-away Friend to read about some of my favorites who live way too far away from me!  
16. Have outdoor Christmas lights
17. Have a blog  
  • You are here! Thank you for reading!
18. Go night snowboarding
19. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
20. Donate blood 3x
21. Adopt a soldier program
  • Click here to read my letters
22. Volunteer at National High School Finals Rodeo
23. Get my concealed carry permit and a pretty gun to conceal carry w/ a sweet shoulder sling!
  • I'm licensed to carry!
24. Take a Spanish class
25. Zip line
26. Finish my house projects - trim, yard, closet doors
27. Pay off my car.....again (which also means paying off the basement swimming pool removal) I'm getting closer I think I can have it paid off in the fall.
28. Visit my grandparents
29. Make 12 new Pinterest recipes or projects (3/12)
  • Click here for the projects and recipes I've tested out for you! Remember exact measurements are optional (most of the time) This philosophy may have failed me once before.
30. Read 6 new books (1/6)
  • Click here to see my library! 


  1. Well done!!! You are making awesome progress. I love how specific your goals are.

    And slow and steady totally wins the race - in healthy living and savings!

    First quarter ---> success!


  2. Good job kiddo!!! Proud of you

  3. Good job, Jen! Love your list. And 4 pounds is 4 pounds. You stick with it my tortise friend! :)


  4. I need to do an update on my list too...didn't do so well in March! That means I need to be back at it in April!

  5. I'd say you're making great progress so far!! I'm glad you are occassionally updating us so we can see what progress you've made! Love it! Keep at it, you'll get there...and nevermind the pace...slow and steady will still get the job done! :)