Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The day I got a birthday present from the President of the United States

It was a little late, but that is about par for the US government these days, they can't get anything done, much less on time.

For my birthday, Congress and President Obama gave me and the rest of American sequestration, mandating billions in cuts, 85 billion to be split between defense and some domestic programs. So my birthday present from the President? Extra days off!!!!!!! Granted they are without pay and in fact, I get to pay them for furlough days by picking up the whole tab on heath insurance......but lets not think about that part, it depresses me. Let's focus on how important my birthday was that I got a present from the President of the United States. I didn't even know he knew where Wyoming is, much less who I am!

Over the last 5 years, FSA has played the game, voluntarily and involuntarily cutting its budget nearly 30%. These cuts have come as no travel (for County Committee meetings or employees), little to no training on the programs that we administer, not allowing County offices to send newsletters which is about the only way that we have to communicate program deadlines and regulations with farmers and ranchers, supply budgets decreases (we tell our producers to go to the bank before coming to our office....and bring pens from the bank!) and staffing decreases. Sequestration isn't going to only hurt the federal workforce, it will get everyone in one way or another.

With sequestration mandating additional cuts in our budget, an additional 5% with approximately 6 months left in the fiscal year will require at least 40 furlough hours per employee. Many offices staff has already been severely cut and are left with only 1 or 2 employees. These offices will be forced to close, reducing the level of service that farmers and ranchers can expect from their County Office.

Other side effects of sequestration might include decreased national security, longer delays when traveling, increased food prices (lack of meat and poultry inspectors), cuts to funding for special education, head start programs. These are just a few that come to mind, there are likely more that no one has thought of.



  1. Some of us are waiting on a fairly hefty SURE payment that we could really use to pay for the trailer repairs, and lost wages for said trailer repairs. That's my whine for the day about sequestration.....

  2. So far we've been ok...we go through FSA and got all of our paperwork completed and will be getting our loan soon. We still get the newsletter, and got our SURE payment about a month ago.Ohhhh, the government. Gotta love it. Hey Obama...let me know how starvation works out for you.

  3. Your 30th birthday was a big national event!


  4. Meanwhile our President goes golfing with Tiger Woods at a cost of what it would have cost to pay several hundred for furlough days. HMMMMMMMM I don't remember what they said it cost but it was more than 300 I am pretty sure.