Friday, March 1, 2013

30 sucks....or does it?

Well crap! Its here, I'm officially 30.

However, I'm going to try to stay positive so here is what I'm loving about turning 30.

1. My friends are here to celebrate with me. OKTrailerPark Friend and Mr. OKTrailerPark Friend drove up from Colorado for the weekend festivities! Plus Little Sister, Little Sister's Boyfriend and Music Man will be joining! all.weekend.long.
2. We are headed to the mountain today instead of the office. Bring on the brews, burgers and boards! YA-HOO!

3. Micky & the Motorcars AND Reckless Kelly are headed west to celebrate with me(presumably just because its my 30th birthday!, I'm important like that). 2 of the best bands.EVER.

4. I'll be swallowing turning 30 and washing it down with a feast from the Roadhouse! Medium rare ribeye, loaded baked potato, salad with ranch, buttery rolls with cinnamon butter PLUS a coupon for a free appetizer! Should I pick the onion blossom or fried pickles? I believe this meal alone will probably equal my daily calorie goal!

Now that I'm 30, I'll probably need to take a few extra days off to recover from this kind of fun filled weekend!


  1. Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. It sounds like you have a great time planned. Enjoy!


  2. Ahh!! Happy 30th!! I totally think RK and MM planned this for your birthday. Obviously! Hope you guys have a blast!


  3. jealous! You are going to have a blast ringing this birthday in!! It will be a weekend you remember forever :) Have a wonderful birthday Jen! And if you should need to take Monday off to recover from all this fun, I definitely think you've earned it!! Look forward to hearing about your adventures on Monday (or Tuesday)! ;)

  4. Don't look at it as getting older....look at it as turning wiser and more experienced. Just enjoy your whole life, that is what is important. And it sounds like you have a great birthday planned. I hope it was all that you expected.