Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are you the match?

Assistant Pack Leader was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer in 2009. Throughout her treatments she recieved several blood transfusions and had a stem cell transplant. She was lucky enough that they could use her own stem cells for her transplant and she didn't have to matched with an outside donor. I already donate blood fairly regularly because I have good blood (O-) and good veins (it doesn't take me long to let a unit run out into their little bag).

When she found out that she would be having a stem cell transplant and she didn't yet know if she would need a donor, I immediately started to prepare myself for getting tested to be a possible donor. After her transplant and some time had passed, I decided that I should look into donation for others if they should need it.

I registered for 'Be the Match" the National Marrow Donor Program. I've been a member of the registry for about 2 years now and recently received an email asking me to renew my commitment to the registry. Click here to learn more about the 'Be the Match' program. Its super quick and super easy to sign-up, but there is lots of information on the website to help you make sure this is the right decision for you.

So I challenge you.......ask yourself...... Am I willing to donate marrow to someone who may not otherwise have a match? Am I willing to donate blood for someone who I will never meet. Whoever's blood my sister got, I know she is thankful and I trust that the blood I've donated has made a difference in someone's life. And should I be called to donate marrow, I'll be scared, I'll be worried, but I could also save someone's life.

Assistant Pack Leader recently had a scan and is cancer free for 2.5 years.

Save a life, sign up to donate today!


  1. Yay!!! They changed the steroid time frame from 5 years ago to 2 years ago! I qualify now! I have a cousin with Aplastic Anemia whose life was saved by a stem cell transplant. (actually took two different donors, but it worked!)

  2. SO glad that she is cancer free! And I'm so glad you have signed up for Be the Match. I signed up a couple of years ago and have prayed ever since that I would be a match for someone!