Monday, February 4, 2013


So I am not really sure how I get myself into these things....whenever I sit there and think....why did I volunteer for this I briefly leave this world and go to this......

No lie, my name is Jane in my other life.

Anyway, I am co-planner for our WYASCOE State Convention for work. We have planned a weekend of meetings and skiing snowboarding and food (lots of food) and a margarita contest. Which I am planning on trying out this recipe or this one to win that challenge. We will be out at the small resort for the whole weekend so we need to have activities planned to keep everyone busy. In my mind I have really good, I mean REALLY good ideas, they just don't always go according to plan.

So my fun people what are your thoughts on a Minute to Win It game night? Keep in mind we will have about 25 people aged 12 to retired there. My thought was to break up into teams and then have a person from each team compete in a challenge, then the team with the most points after all challenges is the winner. The games that I was thinking about doing are:

Bite me - Have 5 paper bags cut to varying heights (from 2" to 10") lined up on the ground. The player must grab the bag from the floor and move it to a table. The player's feet may be the only body part to touch the ground and the player may not use his/her hands. To win the player must have all 5 paper bags on the table at the same time in 60 seconds.

Hanky panky - The player must pull all tissues out of the box using only one hand in 60 seconds.

Hangover - The player must hang hangers from a curtain rod (in a chain) in 60 seconds. Hangers may not be altered in anyway. If the hanger slides to the corner, the player must start over. In order to win, the player must hang 6 hangers so that no hook is resting in the corner of another hanger. The hangers must remain in this position for 3 seconds.

Sticky situation - The player bounces a ping pong ball on to a piece of bread that is covered in peanut butter from 15 feet away. The ball must stick to the bread. The player with the most ping pong balls sticking to the bread wins the challenge.

Nose dive - The player puts petroleum jelly on his/her nose. Then the player must pick up a cotton ball with their nose and move it from 1 bowl to another (5 feet apart) without using their hands. The player must move 5 cotton balls in 60 seconds.

Now where my SOS call comes in:
  1. Do you think these games sound fun?
  2. Do you think they are doable?
  3. Do you have any other ideas?
Thank you! and I'll make sure to take pictures to share with you all after the convention!

Pinterest and blog readers to the rescue once again. Thanks, Jane!


  1. We did this at a family reunion and it was a blast! Pretty much the same games too! We didn't do Sticky Situation, but took empty Kleenex boxes, cut holes, ran a belt through, filled boxes with ping pong balls, then you had to booty shake, hula dance, whatever it took to get the balls out of the box.