Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little things

I'm sure that all of you remember the "fiscal cliff" and "sequestration" that was looming over the US economy back at the first of the year. A last minute deal "saved" us all......sorta. At FSA, we have been operating on a continuing resolution, meaning we have no budget. We have had additional cuts implemented, hiring freezes etc. As "sequestration" once again looms over us, less than 5 days away we are looking at furloughs....aka mandatory leave without pay. Each day I struggle to find something good about my job, something good about what I do each and every day and everyday I find it harder and harder.

After talking to a few of my producers last week, my hope is renewed. Someone DOES appreciate us, appreciates what we do. We make a difference in their lives when they are struggling just as much as everyone else in the working class, if not more. To hear them say THANK YOU and genuinely mean it....means the world to me and it makes my heart happy.


  1. :D Love, love, love our producers too! That is who we're working for, not those punks in Washington DC! But I need a reminder every so often too :)

  2. Your job is important and necessary. Just keep your passion - may the threat and/or reality of furloughs, fiscal cliffs, and sequestrations never take that away.


  3. Love this quote, Jen! And you're right---you do make a difference, even if the red tape makes that easy to forget!

  4. Please don't ever think you are not appreciated at your job! We know how hard you work and how hard some of us make your job!!! FSA made it possible for Jas and I to keep farming and not have to leave here.