Monday, February 11, 2013

My one and not-so-only

Can you do it? Can you pick 1 song.....only 1 and call it your favorite song? I think I can. I've been calling this 1 song my favorite for like 5 years now. It could change tomorrow, but I'm just not sure that it will. ever. forever-ever.

All-time #1: Randy Rogers Band - This Time Around

But then I decided to challenge myself.

On a side note....I had a friend once (we will call him Keith Stone for this story). Anyway I get a call one Sunday morning and Keith proceeded to tell me about the previous nights events in somewhere, Texas, it went something like this:

Keith Stone: Hey bud.
KS's friend: Hey what's up?
Keith Stone: If you challenge yourself to drink 12 Keystone's that you found in your brother's girlfriends front yard while you drive around the loop (which takes 40 minutes), are you an alcoholic?
KS's friend: Uh, yeah bud, that's a little alcoholic.
KS's friend: You aren't still driving right now are you?
Keith Stone: No, I'm sitting in a parking lot waiting for a ride.

Anyway, back to challenging myself......I challenge myself to pick my favorite song of my top 10 favorite red dirt musicians/bands. Now please take into account I've been living out of Oklahoma for almost 1 6 years. WHAT! How did that happen?????? 6 years?????? So here they are my top 10 20 red dirt musicians/band and my top 10  20 songs from them (ok ok, its really 11 21 because of my all time numero uno). In no particular order....................

  1. Aaron Watson - Barbed Wire Halo
  2. Bo Phillips - Perfect Girl
  3. Clint Ingersol - Beautiful As You Are
  4. The Great Divide - Yesterday Road
  5. Micky & The Motorcars -  Pointless Love
  6. Jason Savory - Off My Mind
  7. Reckless Kelly - Stick Around
  8. Casey Donahew Band - Stockyards
  9. Cross Canadian Ragweed - Dimebag
  10. Eli Young Band - Even If It Breaks Your Heart
  11. Jason Boland - Proud Souls
  12. No Justice - Still Missing You
  13. Wade Bowen - Tired of Being Alone
  14. Bobby Dale Band - Crazy Beautiful
  15. James Nicks - Redneck Cadillac
  16. The Dirt Drifters - Hurt Somebody
  17. Josh Abbott Band (with Trent Willmon & Roger Creager) - End of a Dirt Road
  18. Bleu Edmondson - Last Last Time
  19. Stoney LaRue - Feet Don't Touch The Ground
  20. Kevin Fowler - The Lord Loves a Drinkin' Man
I had to make myself stop. Challenge 1, Jen 0. I think I might have a problem.

Enjoy my favorites, look 'em up on iTunes (if you are as cool as me) or YouTube (if you haven't seen the light yet).


  1. Oooo, I love this! I can't pick one. Or 10, really. It's like too much pressure. Maybe I'll work on it. I think if I had to pick one, I would pick Feet Don't Touch the Ground. I think. For now.


  2. You forgot Trouble by Wade Bowen!!!!! But SOOOOOOOO glad you put number 14 on!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that one!!!