Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WILW: rams & colts

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I'm LOVING.......these Super Bowl commercials.
You might have to pause the awesome tunes to get the full effect of these commercials! 

My first Dodge was a 1/64 scale red single cab Ram 2500. It sat on my dresser when I was 16. My second Dodge was a red single cab Ram 2500 circa 1994 and it still sits in my driveway. I love Dodge and I love this commercial. These are the people that makes the world go 'round. Thank God for farmers and ranchers.

Ahh....freaking cute and I love how it shows how close man and animal really can be!

Hands down, Dodge's God Made a Farmer nailed it, but Budweiser's Brotherhood commercial is running a photo finish second in my book.


  1. That Budweiser commercial gets me every time. Ugh. So sweet!

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  2. I'm sort of considering going to LA to stalk that adorable man in the Budweiser commercial. Not that I have looked into this. But he may well be from Texas and currently living in California...


  3. Visiting from the link up...the clydesdale made me cry!

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  4. Totally just cried a little bit!! Didn't get to see the Clydesdale one during the Superbowl but holy cow it is good!

  5. Love the with the man and his horse! For real made me cry!