Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Piece by piece

It all started with this.....

And its grown into this (minus a couple dirty dishes in the dishwasher).........................

I've become obsessed. That trip to Germany got me hooked on the Polish pottery which I quickly figured out that I wouldn't be able to outfit my whole kitchen in it on my salary so now I'm on mission mis-matched pottery kitchen, piece by piece. Street fairs? I'm there. Antique stores? I'm there. Pottery wheel in the basement businesses? I'm there. My family did good at Christmas, I got several new pieces to add on to the work of art!

AND.....the highlight of my week...... Colorado Transplant Friend asked me to go to a decorate/make your own pottery shop that is in Green River for my birthday! I am so excited to make my own pottery to add to my kitchen lineup, plus we always have a great time together. So what should it be? A plate? A bowl? or something else? Oh the decisions and lets pray that I'm feelin' the creativity on that day!

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