Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy sequestration week

While the initial thought behind sequestration was to make it so horrible and detrimental to our economy that it would force Democrats and Republicans to work together to come up with a compromise to avoid a fiscal cliff, by decreasing the budget and decreasing our debt. Unfortunately, sequestration isn't bad enough for Congress to be able to work together, not to say that sequestration might not be bad enough for the rest of Americans who aren't in Washington. Click here for a rundown on sequestration.

How is sequestration going to affect you and your state? Click here for fact sheets published by the White House on sequestration effects for each state. Click on your state for even more details. CNN has an article that explains sequestration, but to be sure there will be many, many more effects if sequestration is allowed to occur. There will be effects that no one talks about and there will be effects that no one has thought of.

Sequestration isn't the only fiscal "horror story" our country is facing. Let's say we do make it past sequestration without too many detrimental the end of the month we will once again face a government shutdown because the continuing resolution will expire because Congress has not been able to pass a budget for our country.

Lets hope that they can figure out a way to get along up there. Maybe we will know more by March 27........... 4 more years of bickering and doing nothing could be worse for our country than 1 side or the other taking over and getting everything that they want.

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