Thursday, February 14, 2013

#21.3: Letters to a soldier(s)

I hope that my soldier enjoys celebrating holidays well after the day that they actually occur as his Valentines Day care package is currently sitting on my kitchen counter....still not even boxed up![In my defense, I did get them in the mail approximately one week ago, so they won't be a whole month late!] If I do say so myself though, he will be so excited about the yummy treats that he won't even remember that the Valentines Day box didn't make it in time for Valentines Day!

I attempted made these cute little valentine pretzel buttons,  made jars of cupid kisses, changed up at little bit. Mine had both M&Ms and pretzels in little ball jars, included the ingredients for one of my favorite childhood treats, graham cracker and frosting (with valentines sprinkles) sandwich cookies, some 2-in-1 men's shampoo and AXE that I had some really great coupons for.

I also picked up another soldier. A friend that I met a while back was deployed about 5 months ago. I saw that he was a little homesick on Facebook the other day, so I quickly decided that he is officially adopted. I had already been to the store and picked up items for my other soldier so I was trying to figure out what I could make from what I had stocked away at home. So he is getting these delicious pink cookies......I hope he likes pink. :) and I'm throwing in a loaf of the coveted homemade zucchini bread along with some cupid kisses and the valentine pretzel buttons. I really had my heart set on sending one of those electronic Yahtzee games but I couldn't find one in all of Rock Springs, America. BOO!

After returning from the post office (where I scored Tylie a bag of dog food for $21 bucks, ACE sent me an email this am that any one item under $47 was 47% off until 4 pm today, I'm awesome, my dog loves me) anyway back to the part where I tell you I do not have a picture of my newest adopted soldiers care package because I forgot to take one. Double BOO!

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  1. They look like yummy carepackages to me!! I am sure they will both love them :)

    Happy Valentine's Day Love!