Friday, February 8, 2013

Connoisseur of screw top wine

con·nois·seur a discerning judge of the best in any field:  as in a connoisseur of screw top wine (thats me!)

I was never much of a wine drinker, but when I lived in Tennessee I had to learn because my job worked with many of the smaller family owned wineries throughout the state. Now by connoisseur, I mean that I pick my wine by how fun the names and/or labels are.

Now my qualifications as a connoisseur: I visited several wineries while I lived in Tennessee. In the picture above you can see the first one that I went to. When I walked into the building they had a beautiful bar area for wine tastings. As I settled in on a stool, the wine lady (technical term) asked me what kind of wine I liked. I responded that I didn't really know so just start at the top of the list and keep them coming until we get to the bottom. I could tell she wasn't real impressed, but she kept 'em coming! ps. can't go wrong with Muscadine wine in TN!

I furthered my wine connoisseur training in Italy with Military Friend and OKTrailerPark Friend when we visited Europe in 2011. Lets just say Americans have fun in Italy! And I highly recommend the jalapeno pepper wine (I can't remember the exact name of it) and the Proseccco wine from Italy.....fabulous!

As you can see I am clearly qualified to be considered a connoisseur.
Last weeks choices made by old roomie, Simza (before she ditched me and moved home) were: 

We wino together in mind, body, spirit and a couple hundred miles.

Turn Me Red: super cute label which is why I picked it, yummy taste, no refrigeration required which is why I will keep picking it!

RELAX: a name that says just what I needed on Friday night. I'd drink it again, but probably wouldn't be my first choice.



  1. I want to be a wine person, I really do. But I am just not. I like vineyards and wine tasting and the idea of it, but I'd so much rather have a Seven and Seven!


  2. Corretion.... It is only 150 miles!!!