Friday, February 22, 2013

A little bit goes a long way

A beautiful sunny morning we pull up the ski lodge. I jump out chompin' at the bit to jump on the slopes. I decided to take a quick run while people were getting rentals and such lined out. About 3/4 of the way down I come off a 20 foot 360 jump, hit the ground and bust my binding. :( Hey, its my story I'll tell it how I want!

Ok so I'm not really sure what exactly happened, but I think cartwheels might have taken place, under the lift, less than 100 yards from the lift house, but the busted binding part.....that is definitely true! My beautiful Burton bindings.....still on my foot, not attached to my board. Oh the shame as I unstrap and head towards the lodge.......walking........on the ski trail. :(

Lucky for me no one in my group saw the crash. I envision that it looked something like this, with less snowy fluff because I'm here to tell you the broken binding crash hurt a lot worse than this one pictured below.

 Now the best part, I emailed Burton and explained what had happened. They asked that I send a picture of the damage (which of course I didn't take one) so I sent a picture of what was left of the damage and they said give them a call. In 5 minutes they had a brand new set of Burton discs on their way to Wyoming for FREE! Have I said "I love Burton". I love my board and bindings and even though I don't think I could ever pay full price for them, I will be riding Burton for a very long time!

These days great customer service is always a super nice and welcomed surprise!
Hip Hip Hooray for Burton!


  1. Yay! I'm glad the adventure had a positive outcome. It's great that you're showing the love to thank them for being so cool.


  2. I'm glad you're ok! And yay for Burton being so great!


  3. OK...for someone not intimately acquainted with you, I'm reading this thinking, "Wow, Jen. I had no idea you could snowboard like this! Is "360" like...360 degrees, completely around, full circle?? Whoa! You're tough!" Re-reading it for the third time, trying to soak it in and get the full picture, I realized what you meant in the parenthesis. on my face first thing at work. Thanks! LOL

    1. This is me, Whitney. :)